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Vendor Program
Vendor Program
Customer financing allows your company to increase productivity, profitability and cashflow. Flex Capital can provide you with a fully tailored leasing program that can greatly benefit your business and give you an edge over your competition.

The benefits and features of the Flex Capital Vendor program include:

  • Branded Programs which promote a professional image and the convenience of dealing with one party in the sales process.
  • A provided equipment rental option makes large purchases easy, with smaller, affordable payments for your customers.
  • Convenience – save time when finalising the equipment purchase; as the Vendor, you control the sale.
  • Sell more equipment & help increase your margins.
  • Improve cash flow & liquidity for both you and your customers, whilst preserving capital.
  • Establish new relationships and increase customer loyalty through value add-ons such as service agreements
  • Minimise exposure and investment requirements
  • Eliminate the cost and administrative burden of maintaining an in-house leasing operation
  • Customers have the latest equipment with the option to upgrade at the end of each term,
    avoiding the burden of expensive, out-dated products

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